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Grand Opening Activation



To bring attention and excitement on Opening Day, we dressed a street team as moving company employees. They canvased key areas, carrying giant moving boxes with graphic merchandise on the side, and simple surprising messages.

The movers carried giant couch sized or lamp-shaped boxes on the subway, on buses, across city crosswalks and sidewalks.

Brand messaging focused on driving foot traffic to the store and promoting all the in-store activities during the Grand Opening.

Routes were strategically designed to support OOH sites while reaching both residential and shopping areas in proximity to the store. The team attracted attention and served as conversation starters with the public. 

The boxes were installed outside the Grand Opening store, creating a giant freestanding billboard. The impressive structure stopped people in their tracks.

Managed and coordinated all aspects of production including sourcing talent, bidding of layouts, developing schedules, location scouting/permits, producing giant billboard and branded materials and street team props.